Ridgecrest’s commercial loans are typically for $250,000 to $1,500,000 and offer many advantages over loans from other commercial lenders. Our approval process is very fast, and there are usually no fees to be paid or appraisals to be performed.  Most important, there is no requirement for periodic amortization of the loan’s principal, and our real-estate renovation loans will often be for more than 100% of the project’s current value, thereby eliminating the borrower’s need to invest equity in the project. A typical $500,000 loan would require a monthly interest-only payment of less than $4,000 and have a term of one to three years.


Envision Capital, LLC

Subordinated real estate financing

Fuzzy Tail, LLC

Purchase of thirteen townhouses

Austin Transport, Inc.

Purchase of FedEx delivery route

Jones Home Group, LLC

Purchase of headquarters facility

J Hess Group, LLC

Construction of thirty-two homes

Stanford Limited Partnership

Real estate purchase & resale