Ridgecrest has more than 40 years of experience redeveloping and renovating large commercial buildings for adaptive reuse. As an owner, developer, general contractor and financier, we will bring very broad experience, significant capital and a network of specialty contractors to help ensure the success of your project.  The typical project that we might undertake would require renovating or re-imagining a structure of at least 25,000 square feet which can be purchased for $15/SF, requires another $20/SF in renovation costs and can be rented on a “full-service” basis for $8.00/SF/year.

Former F&M Bank HQ Building

Adaptive reuse of downtown bank

Frederick SportsPlex

Development of indoor sports complex

Noland Building

Converted to a multi-tenant building

Highland Technology Park

Repositioned large industrial complex

Tyler Spite House

Restoration of 200 year old townhouse

Mulberry Lofts

Reimagined large manufacturing plant